How do I run Workstation Setup for ProSystem fx Tax?

There are multiple ways to run workstation setup, but these steps ensure that it is run from the correct drive.

  1. Click Start > Run and type ?:\wfx32\wssetup.exe (where ? = the network drive that you run ProSystem fx Tax from) and press OK.
  2. Select Setup Icons and press OK.
  3. "ProSystem fx Tax" is the correct program group so select OK.
  4. Press Setup.
  5. If you are asked to reboot your computer when workstation setup is finished, press Yes to reboot.
NOTE:  To ensure files are properly updated, log on to your workstation as an administrator user prior to performing installation or running the Workstation Setup program. Restricted users may not have sufficient rights to properly install these system files.

  • ProSystem fx Tax users need Read, Write, Erase, Create, Modify, and File Scan rights to the WFX32 directory and all ProSystem fx Office product directories.
  • It may be necessary for our program to make registry entries and install system DLL files into the Windows System directory during installation and Workstation Setup.
  • The user performing an installation needs supervisory rights to the root directory of the target install drive.
  • Once the installation or Workstation Setup process has completed, you should reboot the PC to ensure files are properly initialized.

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How do I run Workstation Setup for Tax?
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