How do I configure EZproxy to work with CCH IntelliConnect?


  • You wish to configure OCLC's EZproxy so that remote users can access CCH® IntelliConnect® using IP authentication.



Note: CCH IntelliConnect now requires EZproxy v5.7.44 or higher in order to access all content.

Entries need to be made to the EZproxy configuration file (ezproxy.cfg or config.txt) to configure EZproxy to allow access to IntelliConnect. (The entries in the configuration file differ if you are using Proxy By Port or Proxy By Hostname.

  • Proxy By Port:
    • Our development team is still looking into the Proxy By Port configuration. Please contact us at 800-344-3734 and ask for this issue to be escalated to the CASE team.
  • Proxy By Hostname:
    • The EZproxy configuration file (ezproxy.cfg or config.txt) needs to have entries that allow SSL (https) processing.
    • A purchased certificate from a certificate authority can be used or a free self-signed certificate can be created from within EZproxy. A self-signed certificate will cause a browser warning when users access your EZproxy server. For more information on differences in browser behavior, consult SSL Certificate Options.


Once SSL is configured, the following entry needs to be added to the EZproxy configuration file:

LoginPortSSL 443:

  • Port 443 is the preferred number as this is the standard port for use with https.


Resolution Steps for Proxy By Hostname:

Note: These steps must be performed by the EZproxy administrator. Some of the resolution steps require access to the EZproxy’s server operating system and may require assistance of the server’s administrator.

  1. Stop EZproxy.
  2. Open the EZproxy configuration file (ezproxy.cfg or config.txt) in a text editor such as Notepad.
  3. Enter the following line to enable SSL: LoginPortSSL 443
  4. Add the following entry for IntelliConnect:
    • Global Settings:
      • HTTPMethod DELETE
      • ProxyHostnameEdit$ intelliconnect
      • HTTPHeader X-GWT-*
      • HTTPHeader X-ApiKey
      • HTTPHeader X-CPID
    • Intelliconnect Stanza:
  5. After making the changes, save the EZproxy configuration file.
  6. Restart EZproxy.
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