How do I duplicate clients in CCH® IntelliForms®?

CCH IntelliForms 2015 and newer versions do not have the separate Duplicate Client feature which was included in CCH IntelliForms 2014. However, since CCH IntelliForms 2015 and newer versions use standard files, you can copy and rename the client in Windows® Explorer by doing the following:

  1. Select the Client Forms tab.
  2. Note the location of the saved clients by clicking the list next to Saved Data Path.
  3. Open Windows® Explorer and navigate to the location you noted in the previous step.
  4. Open the Clients folder. There is a folder for each saved client.
  5. Right-click the client you want to duplicate and select Copy.
  6. Navigate to the location where you want to place the duplicate client.
  7. Right-click a blank area in the directory listing and select Paste. A copy of the client folder is placed in the folder.
    • Note: If you are duplicating the client within the Clients folder, Windows® renames the duplicate by appending "- Copy" to the file name. Subsequent copies are labeled "[ClientName] - Copy (2) and so forth.
  8. If needed, rename the copied client folders.


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