Key Points for a Successful Installation and Transition to CCH® IntelliForms® 2016

The video and text below provide information you should be aware of before installing and transitioning to CCH IntelliForms 2016.

Keep in mind the following as you install CCH IntelliForms 2016:

  • CCH IntelliForms requires administrator rights to install.
  • CCH IntelliForms requires Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher. In most cases this will already be installed as part of the Windows® update process. When you open CCH IntelliForms for the first time, the program will check to see if .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher is installed. If not, the program will display a message informing you that .NET Framework must be updated. Click Yes to go to the Microsoft® .NET Framework download page.
  • Keep your existing installation of CCH IntelliForms 2014. You will need it to access previously saved forms.
  • Profiles can be exported from CCH IntelliForms 2014 and imported into IntelliForms 2016. See How do I transfer my profiles from CCH® IntelliForms® 2014 to CCH® IntelliForms® 2016? for instructions.
  • There is no longer a network installation. All installations are standalone. However, forms and profile data can be stored on a network for shared access.
  • Unlike CCH IntelliForms 2014, in CCH IntelliForms 2016 you can easily change the saved data location. See How do I change the saved data location in CCH® IntelliForms®? for instructions.
  • CCH IntelliForms 2016 does not do automatic backups of the saved forms. Instead, data should be stored in a location where it can be part of a routine data backup of your system.
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