CCH® IntelliForms® 2015 Installation Option Details

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Here are the steps for installing Intelliforms 2015 after it is downloaded: 

  1. Run the installer file “IFSetup.exe”
  2. The Install Shield Wizard comes up. Click Next.
  3. Review the license agreement. You may also Print it. You cannot install the program without first accepting the license agreement. 
  4. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter your user name and your organization and click Next.
  7. Choose Complete or Custom install:
    • Note: Choosing Complete will install with default settings. The default path is “C:\Program Files (or Program Files (x86) on 64-bit systems)\Wolters Kluwer\IntelliForms”.  Choosing Custom will allow you to choose a different location. Do not choose a network location. 
  8. If you chose Complete, click Next and continue with step 12.
  9. Click Change to choose another install path.
    • Note: Do not use the same path as IntelliForms 2014 (default C:Program Files\IntelliForms, or C:\Program Files(x86)\IntelliForms) as this will over-write the IntelliForms 2014 program
  10. After selecting and confirming the installation location, click Next
  11. Click either Anyone who uses this computer (all users) or Only for me ([your windows username[).
    • Note: If you choose Only for me, the program will install in your Windows profile. This will be at "C:\users\[your username]\\AppData\Local\Programs\[whataver path you chose after Program Files]\" .
    • For example: If the path you chose was "C:\Program Files (x86)\CCH\Wolters Kluwer\IntelliForms\" the program will actually install to "C:\users\[your username]\AppData\local\Programs\CCH\Wolters Kluwer\IntelliForms"
    • It will also place the icon on your desktop and not any other user’s desktop, including that of your IT administrator.
    • For this reason we recommend you install for all users.
  12. When you click Next the installation process starts.
  13. When install is complete, click Finish.

The icon has changed considerably from the Intelliforms 2014 icon. It is now predominantly red and square.


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