How do I configure CCH® Intelliforms® when I launch the program for the first time?

This article includes information about setting the authentication and proxy settings when you launch IntelliForms for the first time.

Note: The video contains instructions that are valid for IntelliForms versions 2015 and newer.

  1. Open CCH Intelliforms.
  2. Click Continue on the Welcome window.
  3. Click Authenticate when you see the message "You are not authorized to access blank forms."
  4. Enter your CCH® IntelliConnect® user name and password on the Login and Firewall tab of the Preferences window.
    • Note: Do not select IP Authentication unless you have an IP-authenticated account. The majority of users do not have this type of account.
  5. If you use a proxy, enter the information as directed by your IT desk into the Firewall/Proxy Server fields. If you do not use a proxy, leave these fields blank.
  6. Click Apply. An Authorized window listing the categories of forms included in your subscription displays.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Click OK on the Preferences window. CCH IntelliForms performs a brief updating process.
  9. Click Close when the update completes.

If needed, you also can change the location for Saved Data. See How do I change the saved data location in CCH® IntelliForms®? for more information.

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