What firewall rules should I set for the latest release of CCH® IntelliForms®?

If CCH® IntelliForms® cannot authenticate or download forms, you might need to adjust your firewall/proxy/content filter rules so that the program can communicate with its appropriate services. Listed below are the domains that CCH® IntelliForms® uses. To ensure complete functionality of CCH® IntelliForms®, make allowances in your firewall rules for http and https traffic for these domains.

Note: This article does not apply to CCH® IntelliForms® 2014. For CCH® IntelliForms® 2014 firewall rules, see Firewall rules for CCH® IntelliForms® 2014.

  • az393887.vo.msecnd.net
  • files.cchsfs.com
  • www.cchsfs.com
  • upd2010h.cchsfs.com
  • gibraltar.cchsfs.com
  • services.cchsfs.com
  • support.atxinc.com
  • www.google.com
  • intelliconnect.cch.com
  • logon.cch.com
  • business.cch.com
  • support.cch.com
  • login.wolterskluwer.com
  • tax.cchgroup.com
  • www.cchgroup.com
  • www.zillionforms.com
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