e-File Reject: R0000-905-01 - "Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) in the Return Header must be listed in the e-File database and in accepted status

The IRS approval process is a two-step process. When the IRS receives your application to participate in electronic filing, they will send you a letter with your EFIN included. Then, at a later date, they will send you a second letter indicating whether or not you have been approved to participate in the e-file Program.

If you have not received the second letter, you have not been approved and cannot yet transmit returns to the IRS.

  • Note: Verify that the correct EFIN is entered in Tax Preparation, Office Manager or the Return Configuration Sets (RCS).

If you have received the second letter indicating you have been approved and your returns are still rejecting for an invalid EFIN, you will need contact the IRS before authorizing any more returns for transmission.

Click here for information on the IRS ERO help line.

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