How do I update my permission key for CCH ProSystem fx Document or CCH ProSystem fx Document On Premise?

Follow the procedure outlined:

Document version 2011-4.11 and higher (On-Premise):

  1. Licensing for this version of Document is handled automatically through CCH's licensing servers. To apply your latest license details, open Install and Update Manager on the Document server, choose General and then Update License.

Document versions 3.7 through 3.10:

  1. Copy the perm key files to the Document server.
  2. Log into the Document server and open My Computer then browse to "C:\Program Files\ProSystem fx Document" (default install location).
  3. Copy the following folder to the desktop (or some other location) as a backup:
  4. Copy the following files to the desktop (or to the copy of the Config folder) as a backup:
  5. Copy the new perm key files to the "C:\Program Files\ProSystem fx Document" folder replacing the existing files.

To confirm the license was updated, open Document (if already logged in, log out then log in again):

  • Click the Admin link.
  • Click Companies.
  • Click on the local menu for a company, select Edit Configuration. The Number of Users should show the new amount.
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