How do I configure electronic filing in an office group for CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax and CCH® Global fx Tax?

You can enable or disable electronic filing at an office group level in Office Manager or on a return by return basis.  Enabling electronic filing means that the Tax program generates electronic filing diagnostics to help you qualify the return for electronic filing.  After the return qualifies, you can export it to electronic filing to send to the proper taxing authority.

This articles shows how to configure electronic filing at the office group level in Office Manager.

To setup Electronic Filing in Office Manager:

  1. Open Office Manager.
  2. Click Configure Applications.
  3. Select Tax Preparation and click Configure...
    • If you have multiple office groups, select the appropriate office group you want to edit and click OK.
  4. Select Electronic Filing Options and click Setup.
  5. Click the General tab.
  6. In the EFIN box, enter your Electronic Filing Identification Number.
  7. In the Vendor control number box, enter the VCN assigned to the EFIN you entered above.
  8. Configure the rest of the window as needed. Click Help to view detailed information about the options that can be configured in this window.
  9. Click the ERO tab.
    • Enter your information the following boxes.
      • In the Electronic Return Originator (ERO) information section, enter the following:
        • ERO contact name. Enter the contact name.
        • Preparer e-mail address. Enter the preparer e-mail address.  This is used as the "from" e-mail address when notifying the taxpayer of the electronic filing acceptance via e-mail instead of postard.
        • ERO PIN. Enter the ERO PIN. 
        • Randomly generate the ERO PIN. Select this check box to have the ERO PIN randomly generated.
        • Print the ERO name in the signature block of the 8879. This option applies to 2012 Tax Preparation and later.
          • In 1040 returns, this option overrides the print preparer name.
    • Select Replace signature block information with ERO overrides if you want Tax Preparation to ignore your Signature Block information with ERO overrides.  Make sure to fill in all of the fields below that check box.
  10. For detailed information on configuring electronic filing for specific tax products, click the Individual, Partnership, Corporation, S Corporation, Fiduciary, Deferred Comp, Exempt tabs.
    • Some recommended fields to enter for all tabs are:
      • Electronically file federal return and enable electronic filing for selected return types. Select the check box to enable electronic filing for that tax product.
        • Select the return types in the list to file those types of returns or extensions electronically.
    • Click Help on any of these tabs to learn more about the specific settings.
  11. Click OK when finished.
  12. Close Office Manager.



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