How do I download and install a permission key for ProSystem fx Practice Management?

  1. Launch the Software Delivery Manager.
  2. Log into the Software Delivery Manager using your Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials.
    • Note: The user ID is your 6-digit Account number.
  3. Once logged in, click the Permission Key button.
  4. On the screen that pops-up, select all files, right-click and choose Copy.
  5. Browse to '[server]:\cpas\vpm\permkey', and paste the files in this location, overriding the existing files that are there.
    • Note: If you do not know the location of your cpas directory, you can look it up within the program under Help > About Prosystem fx Practice Management > Additional Info. Locate the line "Server Application Path."
    • Note: Once the permission key has been installed, the user will need to log completely out of Practice Management, and back in to read the new permission key, and add their new user.
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