How do I reset my CCH Axcess Portal login password?

Resetting Your Password

A Portal user can reset their own password regardless if the firm uses stand-alone or integrated Portal.

 A firm administrator can also reset passwords for Portal Users.

Locked Users

Entering your password incorrectly five consecutive times on the login screen, or answering three security questions incorrectly, will result in the account being placed in Safe Mode. Once it is in Safe Mode, an account can be unlocked in one of three ways:
  • If your account is locked, you will receive an email alert containing a link to complete the 2-step verification process to unlock your account.
  • On the login screen, you can click Forgot Password and be prompted to authenticate your account using 2-step verification.
  • On the login screen, if you enter the correct password or a valid temporary password, you will be prompted to authenticate your account using 2-step verification.

Note: This is the procedure for unlocking your account regardless of whether your firm has enabled 2-step verification.

Locked Users Report

A report of accounts that have been locked is available for firm administrators and firm users with full rights in Management and Settings, in the sign-in section. When a user's account is locked or unlocked, the Locked Users report is updated with the most current activity listed at the top. The report columns can then be sorted, filtered, and/or exported to CSV format.

Note: The Locked Users Report is currently only available for standalone Portal, and won't be available for integrated Portal until this summer. Until then, if your firm uses integrated Portal, you can contact Support to have this report generated for your firm.

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