How do I setup Notifications in CCH Axcess Workstream?

The following video explains how setup the Roll Forward notification using CCH Axcess Workstream.


Within a project or a template, select Notifications in the Navigation Panel to edit existing notifications or set up new notifications. Use Project notifications to notify recipients about various conditions including Status, Percentage Completion (based on dollars or hours), Role assignments and Project completion and reopening.

Once you add a condition, use the blue hyperlinks embedded in the condition to change criteria and thresholds.

Use the same condition more than once with the option to set different details for the Notification. For example, use the program to send a Percentage Complete Notification to the Manager when a Project is 50% complete, and the same Notification to the Partner when a Project is 90% complete.

Highlight a Notification, and select Edit to add additional detail; set a Priority for the Notification, as well as choose a recipient. Use the Select by column to determine how to choose who receives the Notification; select by Role, Staff, Team or Client Responsible Staff.

Select Add recipient to add additional recipients to a notification. Notifications appear on the recipients Dashboard, or the program can e�mail notifications to the recipient.

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