How do I use Simplified (the non-Silverlight version of) Portal?

The video below explains how to use the non-silverlight version of Portal.

The Simplified User Interface provides access to the Standalone Portal without installing Microsoft Silverlight. It provides basic functionality for users to upload and download files in a safe and easy to use platform.

Note: All administrative functions must be configured through the standard user interface with Microsoft Silverlight installed.

Using the Simplified User Interface:

  • When a user first goes to the Portal URL ( and Microsoft Silverlight is not installed the user will be prompted to either install Microsoft Silverlight or to log in by clicking the link to Simplified Portal.
  • Go to the Simplified Portal directly by going to
  • Selecting the Simplified Portal Link allows you to use the basic functions of uploading and downloading files to or from the firm.
  • Portals available to users will be listed on the left panel.
  • Selecting a portal will give you access to the folders and files. Simply click on a folder to open it and click on a file to download it, either from the collaboration or client area.
  • Selecting Upload at the top of the page will direct you to a page to browse for the files to upload. Simply select which folder you would like the file to be located in from the left panel and click Browse to locate the file. There are five fields to add files. If you wish to add more than five, click Add another file.
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