How do I install, update, or uninstall the Microsoft Office Plug-ins for CCH Axcess Document?

The following video shows how to install the plug-ins for CCH Axcess Document.

Before installing or using the CCH Axcess Document Office Plug-ins, install the Microsoft Office Plug-in Framework. Click for instructions on installing the Microsoft Office Plug-in Framework.

Use the following procedure to install, uninstall or update the CCH Axcess Document Plug-ins for Microsoft Office on an individual workstation.

Installing the CCH Axcess Document Office Plug-ins:

  1. Open Dashboard, and click User Options on the navigation panel to display the User Options window.
  2. Select Office Plug-ins on the window's navigation panel. Information about the available plug-ins display in grids in the main portion of the window.
  3. Review the information in the grid to determine which plug-ins you want to install or update.
  4. To install, update or uninstall a plug-in, select the link in the Install column.
    • Install – A plug-in is installed for the first time on your local workstation.
    • Update – A previously installed plug-in on your local workstation is updated to the most recent version.
    • Uninstall – A previously installed plug-in is removed from your local workstation.
  5. When the install, update or uninstall completes, click Close on the message that displays.
  6. Click OK to close the Office Plug-ins user options window.

Note: If the Office Plug-ins are not available in User Options they may not be enabled for users to download.  Click for instructions on enabling the Office Plug-ins to be available for install.


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