How do I enable or disable the Microsoft Office Plug-ins that firm staff can install?

Users must have the Microsoft Office Plug-in Framework installed on their workstations in order to install the Microsoft Office Plug-ins for CCH Axcess Document.  For instructions on installing the Microsoft Office Plug-in Framework (click here).

Enabling or Disabling the Option to Install the Microsoft Office Plug-ins

As the administrator of the CCH Axcess Document Plug-ins for Microsoft Office, you can regulate which plug-ins your firm's staff can install. Once you have approved a plug-in for installation, the individual staff members can choose to install the files on their workstations as needed. To select the plug-ins available to your firm's staff, do the following:

  1. Open CCH Axcess Dashboard.
  2. Select Configuration on the navigation panel.
  3. Select Firm settings and defaults under the "Firm" section.
  4. Click Office Plug-in Configuration.
  5. Click Check for New Plug-ins to query the installation server for an updated list of plug-ins. The list of available plug-ins at the bottom of the window is updated.
  6. Check or uncheck the boxes beside each plug-in that you want to make enable or disable for firm's staff.
  7. Click OK.

For information about installing the Office Plug-ins on individual workstations (click here).

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