How do I configure the CCH Axcess Document plug-ins?

The CCH Axcess Document plug-ins will allow you to send files or e-mail messages from Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, or Adobe Acrobat.

The CCH Axcess Document Plug-ins must be installed before you can configure them.  Click to find out how to install the plug-ins.

Once the plug-ins are installed you can configure them.

  1. Open the program that you need to configure the plug-in for.
    • In Microsoft Office applications, click the CCH Axcess tab and then click Configure.
    • In Adobe Acrobat, click File > CCH Axcess Suite > Credentials.
  2. Enter your CCH Axcess account number, User ID, and Password.
  3. Check Remember password if you want your CCH Axcess password saved in the plug-in.
    • If you do not check this box, you will be prompted to enter your CCH Axcess password each time you use the plug-in.
  4. Click OK.


  • When you are configuring the plug-in for the Microsoft Office products, you will only need to configure it in one program.  ie: Configuring the plug-in in Microsoft Word will configure it for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook too.
  • You will need to configure the plug-in for Adobe Acrobat separately.
  • When you change your password for CCH Axcess, you will need to reconfigure the plug-ins with your new password if you have checked the box to remember your password in the plug-in.
  • When configuring the plug-in for Microsoft Office products, you will have an option to configure some Microsoft Outlook specific settings.  To view these settings click Outlook in the left-hand pane in the Configuration window.
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