What are the options available for use in the CCH Axcess Document Plug-ins for Word and Excel?

The following Office Plug-in options are available on the CCH Axcess tab on the ribbon in 2007/2010 Word and 2007/2010 Excel:

  • Credentials – allows you to establish what credentials will be used to interact with CCH Axcess Document
    • These only need to be set up one time per workstation and apply to all of the Office Plug-ins
  • Save to Document – allows a newly created file to be saved directly to CCH Axcess Document.
  • Open from Document – allows a file currently stored in CCH Axcess Document to be checked out and worked on
  • Track My Steps – this is a troubleshooting function that collects detailed information about what is happening with the Office Plug-ins.
    • Unless directed to be enabled by a ProSystem fx support representative, you won’t need to have this on.


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