How do I integrate CCH ProSystem fx Scan with CCH Axcess Document?

Integration is achieved between CCH ProSystem fx Scan and CCH Axcess Document in two different ways:

  • Using the CCH Axcess Document Routing Queue
  • Sending completed scan jobs directly to CCH Axcess Document from within CCH ProSystem fx Scan

The method you will want to use will depend heavily upon the Scan to Document workflow that will most benefit your firm.

Using the Routing Queue allows for a clear separation between the person that creates the routing slip within CCH Axcess Document and enters the associated metadata about the documents and the person who physically scans the files.  Click to find out how to integrate Scan with CCH Axcess Document using the Routing Queue.

Using the method in which documents are sent directly to CCH Axcess Document from Scan requires less initial configuration than does the Routing Queue method and does not rely on creation of routing slips to have documents associated with clients in Document.  Click to find out how to send documents directly to CCH Axcess Document Scan without using the Routing Queue.

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