When is an invoice in CCH Axcess Practice assigned an invoice date, and how is that date determined?

The Invoice Date is actually assigned to the invoice when it is Final Printed.
It is determined by the firm's billing settings which can be found by:

  1. Opening the Dashboard
  2. Selecting Settings and defaults from the Practice area
  3. Selecting Billing Settings from the navigation panel

In that screen there is an Invoice Date area with 2 options that can be selected:

  • System date - Uses the System Date of the computer generating the invoice
  • Bill through date - Uses the Firm Bill through date which is set in the same location
  • The date that appears on the final print screen can be overridden manually.

*Note*: If you select to Preview/Edit the invoice when billing the client you will see a date assigned, this date reflects the Billing screen's Bill through date  and does not accurately represent the date that will appear on the invoice.

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