How do I insert my company logo into our invoice header in CCH Axcess Practice?

Your logo should be in the form of a bitmap or jpeg. Make sure it is a size that would work within the limited space of the header.  You can insert the logo two ways.

  • First paste the logo into a word document-thus placing it on the clipboard. Select the logo, click on "Ctrl-C" to save it for pasting into the header
  • Select "Invoice and Statement Content manager" from the "Configuration" dashboard.
  • Select the location for your logo, many will use it instead of the Firm name and address lines.
  • Select "Ctrl-V" to paste it in the header
  • Select the SAVE icon at the top left of the page to save your new header
  • If you want to put the logo on all pages of the invoice, select HEADER PAGES AFTER PAGE 1 and repeat the process
  • This would be the same procedure for statements, only choosing the Statements section.
  • The second method would be to open the logo in MsPaint
  • To be able to paste the logo into the invoice header, select "Ctrl-A", then "Ctrl-C" and then "Ctrl-V"
  • The procedure would then be the same as the method above.

***Custom headers and/or footers can only be added to custom invoice templates. All default invoice templates will use the default header and footer. 

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