How do I get started with Correspondence Manager for CCH Axcess Tax?

Before working in Correspondence Manager, configure settings for the following:

  • Return configuration set correspondence options
    • Configuration options for standard letter templates are set in the return configuration set. The options are applied to all letter types for the selected return configuration set. See Setting Correspondence Options for more information.
  • Microsoft© Word formatting marks
    • If you display paragraph marks and other formatting in Word, the symbols display in your rendered letters for all paragraphs, even the ones that did not meet the conditions of the return. For example, if a letter template of five paragraphs renders two paragraphs in a return, the formatting marks for all five paragraphs are also displayed in the return. The additional characters can result in having to scroll unnecessarily to the area of the letter you want to review or edit. See Clear Word Formatting Marks for more information.
  • Microsoft© Word AutoRecover options
    • Correspondence Manager creates a recovery document if the system closes abnormally, as in the case of a power failure. Your work will be saved automatically in a recovery file if AutoRecover is activated in Word. See Setting AutoRecover Options for more information.
  • Access rights
    • You must have access rights to edit correspondence. Access rights can be assigned to security groups. The functional rights are located in the Security Group profile. There are two functional rights for correspondence:
      • Access Correspondence Libraries. Grants rights to edit correspondence in a Correspondence Manager library.
      • Modify letters for return. Grants access to Correspondence Manager to edit letters in a return.

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