How do I use the new "Signature Form-Received" Column on the Electronic Filing Status site?

To use the "Signature Form-Received" Column, complete the following:

  1. Click View in the upper right corner of Electronic Filing Status Screen.
  2. Click Signature Form-Received from the "Available columns" menu.
  3. Click the > icon in the center to move the column to "Selected Columns" menu.
    • Note: Click the Up and Down icons on the right to put columns in the order desired.
  4. Click Save Changes to commit the changes.

To use the "Signature Form-Received" column, the user must be on the "e-filing Status" tab.

  1. Click the Calendar icon in the "Signature Form-Received" column.
  2. Select the applicable date from the calendar pop-up.
    • Note: To remove the date highlight the date and press DELETE.


  • The "Signature Form-Received" column must be added to your current view before you can use it.
  • This information does not flow to or from the CCH ProSystem fx Tax software.
    • It is strictly for your records on the Electronic Filing Status site.
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