Error "Unable to detect a connection to either the network or SQL" when logging into the Engagement Administrator module.

You may receive this message if the Microsoft SQL Server has been stopped or the connectivity to the Office Server is lost. Make sure that the Engagement SQL Server service is started or the service may need to be restarted.

Note: Stopping the SQL Server (PROFXENGAGEMENT) on the Engagement server may affect user connectivity to the server. Users will still be able to work in their Local File Rooms, but the ability to log into Engagement in Office mode, or synchronization to the server will fail while the service is stopped.

  1. On your keyboard, press WINDOWS + R
  2. In the Run line type services.msc and press ENTER.
  3. Look for a service named SQL Server (PROFXENGAGEMENT).
    • If the Status of the service is "Running" or "Started"
      • Right-click on the service and select Restart.
    • If the Status of the service is blank
      • Right-click on the service and select Start
  4. Close Engagement Administrator and log back in to test.
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