How can I review my staff time transactions to make sure they are all released in CCH Axcess Practice?

Time Capture has been refactored with the 2012-3.4.1 release to make it easier to review time and expense transactions to make sure Billing totals are correct.

  • Select "Review or post transactions" from the Application Dashboard. By default, the "Ready to Post" view comes up.
  • Select whether you want to see all staff members for an individual staff member's time and expense transactions by using the "View filters."
  • Under "Transaction Date," enter the date range to view the transactions.
  • Select "all," "Unreleased," "released," or 'Posted" under "Transaction Status."
  • Select any columns you want to add to the view from "Columns" and "Transaction Information." Then select "Go."

If you have the necessary security rights, you can then release  unreleased transaction, review  released transactions or post any of the transactions in the grid.

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