How do I verify the banking information is being included in the electronic file?

When banking information is selected in the return, there are several locations where you can verify or confirm it is included.

To verify the banking information using Diagnostics in the return - [Return]

  • Within the return go to Review > Interactive Diagnostics or click the Diagnostics icon on  the toolbar.
Taxing EntityDiagnostic #
Direct Debit / Deposit
1040 - Individual - Federal30002 / 31007
112039491 / 39490
Note: States issues similar informational diagnostics 

To verify the banking information using the Direct Deposit Report - [Return]

  • Go to Government Forms tab.
  • Select Direct Dep - Direct Deposit Report.
    • In a 1040 this can be found under Misc - Miscellaneous.
      • Open Direct Dep - Direct Deposit Report.
    • This report displays the federal or state unit, the bank information, and the amount.

To verify the banking information using Letters - [Return]

  • Within the return, go to Review > Letters or click the Letters icon Letters on toolbar.

To verify the banking information on the Electronic Filing Status System®- [Return]

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