How do I repair an existing install of CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager?

The following video goes over how to repair an existing installation of CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement.  While the steps in the video are covering the process to repair CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, the same steps, and processes apply when repairing CCH® ProSystem fx® Workpaper Manager.

To repair the current install of Workpaper Management, do the following:  
  1. Close all programs on your computer.
  2. Open Services. Press Windows Key + R, type in services.msc and hit Enter.
  3. Stop the following services by right-clicking on each service and selecting Stop (do not close out of Services): 
    • Pfx.Engagement.WcfServices (Applicable to ProSystem fx Engagement 7.0 and newer only).
    • PFXEngDesktopService
    • PFXSYNPFTService
    • Pfx.Engagement.SocketService (Applicable to ProSystem fx Engagement 7.2 and newer only).
  4. Browse to [X]:\Pfx Engagement\Common, and rename the Common folder to old.Common ([X]=the drive where ProSystem fx Engagement is installed).
  5. Go back to Services and start only the SQL Server (PROFXENGAGEMENT) service back up, (you can now close out of Services). 
  6. Open the Engagement install image or navigate to the Engagement CD Image on the server by pressing Windows Key + R and type \\{servername or IP}\Engagement CD ImageThen press enter.
  7. Right click on PfxEngSetup.exe, and select Run as Administrator.​
  8. Click Next.
  9. The Program Maintenance dialog will display with the following options: Modify, Repair, or Remove. Select Repair.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Click Install.
  12. When the InstallShield Wizard Completed dialog displays click Finish.

 Note: With CCH ProSystem fx Engagement 7.0 or newer, a repair will install any updates that have been previously applied to the machine. It is recommended however to verify that you have the latest updates installed by going to or
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