How do I send Organizer print files from CCH Axcess Tax to CCH Axcess Document?

You can print Organizers in CCH Axcess Tax and have the system send the print file to CCH Axcess Document.

First, ensure that CCH Axcess is configured to send print files from CCH Axcess Tax to CCH Axcess Document. For instructions, see our article on setting up the ability to send Tax Organizer files to Document.

Once configured, when you print the Organizer from CCH Axcess Tax (not Batch Manager) and select to print to a PDF or TIFF file type, the Organizer will be sent to CCH Axcess Document.

  1. Open the prior-year return in Tax.
  2. Click Print > Print YYYY Organizer.
    • Where YYYY represents the following year.
  3. Select PDF or TIFF as the print destination.
  4. If prompted to send the files to Document, click Yes. The Document Add Files window displays.
  5. Select the appopriate folder and file properties.
  6. Click Apply to Selected.
  7. Click Upload Selected Files to upload the file to Document.
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