How does my client link to My1040Data?

Once logged into the My1040Data Toolkit, you will be taken to the Homepage. This page provides a general overview of My1040data as well as a URL that taxpayer’s can use to access their organizers. We recommend that this URL be added as a link on your website; however, you can also send it to clients via e-mail. The URL will look similar to this:

  • Note: The ??####### will need to be replaced by the letters and numbers on your toolkit homepage.

When taxpayers access this link, they will be taken to a secured website portal to which they will need to login to. The User ID and Password are assigned to each organizer during its setup in the My1040Data Toolkit. You can retrieve the user id and password for an organizer under the “Configure Firm” tab and then in “Client Access”. On the Client Access screen, click Get List to display the organizers created and the user ID and password assigned to them. 

  • Note: The accountant or firm will need to provide the taxpayer the link, user ID and password for them to access their organizer.

Click here - For additional reserences on the My1040Data Toolkit.

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