How do I use Return Rebuilder in CCH Axcess™ Tax?

Return Rebuilder is a utility created to resolve various issues that can occur to tax return files. This utility is only intended to be used as directed by CCH Axcess Support.  The utility will break the return down to its basic inputs and then rebuild it. It creates a new version of the return, leaving the original version unchanged. If the return is password protected, the password is not needed to run the utility and the password is applied to the new version of the return.

Some common situations that will be resolved by this utility include invalid electronic filing diagnostics, numbers that increase with every calculation, extra government forms that are not removed after normal deletion, consolidated statements in separate company returns for a consolidation, and input fields that are not updating during the calculation process.


  • Tax return data loss may occur when running this utility. Return Rebuilder does not restore G/L Direct data, government form overrides, tick marks, estimates, the Original Amount columns on amended returns, prior year amounts listed in the Prior Year columns throughout the return, and changes to letters made in the return. Data loss may not be limited to only these areas; these are areas that we have previously identified. You should review your return after using this utility for any other possible data loss.
  • You may be required to apply new authorizations needed for the return to be credited back to your account.
  • We do not recommend running Return Rebuilder on amended returns.  Doing so will result in data loss.

To run Return Rebuilder, do the following:

  1. Open Return Manager.
  2. Use Quick Search or search by ID or name to locate the return to rebuild.
  3. Select the return in the Return Manager grid.
  4. Click the Utilities tab on the ribbon.
  5. Click Rebuild on the ribbon.
  6. Click Continue. Depending on the size of the return, the process may take a few minutes. When the process is complete, a new version of the return displays in Return Manager.
  7. Open the return to review it.

For more information, go the Help file on using Return Rebuilder.

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