Why are the Quicklink and G/L Bridge buttons disabled in CCH Axcess Tax?

The G/L products (G/L Bridge and G/L Direct) are additionally licensed products in CCH Axcess Tax. You must have the CCH Axcess Tax GL Direct license to use G/L Bridge or G/L Direct in CCH Axcess Tax. If you are licensed for the product, then one of the two solutions below should assist with the issue.

  • G/L Bridge can be used in Corporation - 1120, Exempt Organization - 990, Individual -1040, Partnership - 1065, and S Corporation - 1120S returns. If you are working with a different return type, the G/L Bridge and Quicklink options are disabled.
  • If you are working in a Corporation - 1120, Partnership - 1065, or S Corporation - 1120S return, it is possible that G/L Direct is enabled in the return. If G/L Direct is activated, Quicklink and G/L Bridge are disabled. 

Go to our article to find out how to disable G/L Direct

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