Error: "database servername\instancename\databasename is not set up correctly" when logging in to Prosystem fx Practice Management?

There can be many different reasons for receiving the error that the database servername\instancename\databasename is not set up correctly. Below are the top 3 most common causes and corrections for this error. If these 3 resolutions do not correct your error, please contact Support for further assistance.

  1. Check to make sure the machines have access to the CPAS directory, and that the CPAS directory is in the correct location. 
    • To check the installation path, on a workstation go to c:\program data\prosystem fx\practice management, open the cpas.ini file. 
    • Make sure that users can browse to that path, that the path exists, and that all users have full control of that CPAS directory.
  2. Pmnet.ini file has incorrect information in it. There are 2 pmnet.ini files on each machine that will need to be verified to make sure the information is accurate. 
    • First is located in c:\program data\prosystem fx\practice management. Open the pmnet.ini file, and verify that the server name and database name are all correct. 
    • The second location is under c:\user\username\appdata\roaming\prosystem fx practice management. Open the pmnet.ini file here, and make sure and check ALL data within this file for accuracy.
  3. A user account needs to be created. 
    • To do this you will need to be ON your server. Browse to the cpas\vpm directory, and open the cpassqlutil.exe. On the login screen, verify your servername is correct, and leave it on Windows Authentication and select Logon. Once logged in, go to File > Accounts > Assign User Account
    • The account name is your database name.
    • The password is Today12345. Leave everything else as default, and click Save.
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