How do I roll forward returns to the next year in CCH Axcess™ Tax?

In CCH Axcess, multiple tax returns can be rolled forward at the same time using Batch Manager or can be rolled forward one at a time using Return Manager.

If your firm uses tax return templates when creating new returns and you have not rolled forward these templates to the same year that you need to roll returns forward to, you will want to roll the templates forward before rolling forward returns.  This will ensure that template data is applied to the returns when they are created.  Click to find out how to roll forward return templates.

Rolling Forward Multiple Returns

  1. Open Dashboard.
  2. Click Applications Links.
  3. Under Tax, click Batch Manager.
  4. On the ribbon, click New Job > Roll Forward > Returns.
  5. Select the tax year and other filter criteria, and click Go. A list of returns that meets the filter criteria displays.
  6. Select any or all of the returns listed, and then click Continue.
    • Selecting the box next to Return ID will select all of the returns in the list.
  7. Select the appropriate Roll Forward Returns Options.
  8. Do one of the following:
    • Click Submit Job to start the roll forward process.
    • Click Schedule Job to schedule the roll forward process to start at a later time.
The job will appear in the Job Status grid in Batch Manager.
  • On the ribbon, click Refresh Job Status to update the status in the Job Status column.
  • When the roll forward process is complete, the job status will read "Complete."

Rolling Forward a Single Return

  1. Open Dashboard.
  2. Click Application Links.
  3. Under Tax, click Return Manager.
  4. In Return Manager, select a view or search for a list of returns that match your search criteria.
  5. Select the return that you would like to roll forward in the Return Manager grid.
  6. On the Home ribbon, click Roll Forward.
  7. Make the applicable selections in the Current Year Return Options window.
  8. Click Create.
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