Diagnostic: 48751 - "Kentucky Electronic Filing. Schedule RC, Page 2, Part VI - Amount of Credit Claimed, only allows 10 years of credit carryforward." in a Partnership return?

The diagnostic 48751 is currently issuing correctly, however, the text of the diagnostic it is displaying is incorrect for the issue.

Please refer to the following to address the diagnostic:

  • "An Electronic filing rejection notification to preparer has the option to send email to alternate preparer email, however, the alternate preparer email address has not been entered. Please enter the alternate preparer email address on the Electronic filing notification - Overrides worksheet.".


To enter the email address:

  1. Go to General > Electronic Filing.
    • Select Section 3 - Electronic Filing Notification - Overrides.
      • In line 6 - Alternate Preparer E-mail address*, enter the information.
  2. Calculate the return.


Note: The diagnostic text will be addressed on a future release.

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