How do I send documents in bulk for electronic signature in CCH® eSign?

  • Documents selected for bulk send are prepared from Document Templates crated In AssureSign.
  • 'Send to AssureSign' is a desktop application that you can use to send a document to multiple clients for electronic signature.
    • Click here for information on downloading, installing and configuring the Send to Assuresign application.
To send a batch of documents using eSign, do the following:
  1. Open Send to AssureSign.
  2. Go to Add > From Template.
  3. Choose the appropriate template and click Add.
    • Note: If the template is not listed, you will need to refresh the template cache.
      1. Click Options.
      2. Select Templates (tab).
      3. Click Refresh.
      4. Click Save.
    • Continue from step 2.
  4. Add or edit any JotBlock.
    • Add by right-clicking in the blank space and selecting Add JotBlock.
    • Edit by right-clicking on an existing JotBlock and selecting Properties.
  5. Click Bulk Send.
    • Select the appropriate template and click Next.
    • Click Export Layout.
      • This will produce a csv file on the computer to fill in the clients information.
    • Click Browse to navigate out to the completed csv file.
    • Click Open.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Validate Without Process to ensure the csv file is valid in format.
  8. Click Process to validate an process at the same time.
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