e-File Rejections - Wisconsin S Corporations: Schema rejects - 2015.02070 to 2015.03000

Below is a listing of common issues and the solutions.


1.) Missing designee information (phone or PIN number).

  • Return has information for third party authorized to discuss this return with missing or invalid information. Enter the third party designee's name, phone number, and the five digit numeric Wisconsin PIN number.
    1. Navigate to the Wisconsin Tax Authority.
    2. Go to Wisconsin > General.
      • Select Section 2 - Options.
        • In lines 23 through 26 - Designee Information, enter the information.
        • Note: Do not enter any letters (A-Z) or special characters (@,-,*,%,#, etc.) in the PIN field.
    3. Recalculate and re-export the Wisconsin return.


2) Shareholder has first name on Schedule 5K-1 but is missing last name or middle initial.

  • There is an individual shareholder in this return with the first name on Schedule 5K-1 and no last name. Both the first and last name of all individual shareholders are required by Wisconsin. Verify that a last name is entered:
    1. Navigate to the Federal Tax Authority.
    2. Go to Shareholders > Shareholder Information.
      • Click Detail (located in the upper left corner of the grid).
      • Select Section 1 - General.
        • In line 4 - Last Name, enter the name.
        • Note: If the shareholder is a grantor trust make sure that you are using version 2015.03000 and change the shareholder entity type on Shareholders > Shareholder Information. If the social security number format changes, type over the shareholder tax id number field with the taxpayer id in the social security number format including the hyphens.
    3. Recalculate the return and re-export the Wisconsin return.


3) Invalid element – contact person on Form 5S (missing Schedule 5K information).

  • The return is failing schema validation because there is no information on Schedule 5K.
    • Add a zero as a government form override on Schedule 5K line 1 column B
    • Re-export the Wisconsin return without recalculating or update to the latest release.


4) Missing state information – tax paid to other states.

  • The return has an amount entered for tax paid to other states but has no corresponding state name in the electronic file. Check the following:
    • Navigate to the Wisconsin Tax Authority.
    • Go to Wisconsin > Credits.
      • Select Section 4 - Other Credits.
        • In line 2 - Taxes Paid to Another State, verify that all state names are valid US states (and some territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.) and that there are no misspellings.
        • Note: Entries in the state name field that are not valid US states will be disregarded such as 'various' or 'see attached'.
    • Recalculate the return and re-export the Wisconsin return.
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