How many volumes are in the print Standard Federal Tax Reporter and what is included in each volume?

The Standard Federal Tax Reporter is comprised of 26 volumes:

  • Eighteen of these 26 volumes contain the compilations -- law, regulations, explanations and annotations presented in Code-section order
  • Three Code volumes.  Although the compilations focus on income tax law, the Standard Federal Tax Reporter reproduces the full text of the entire Internal Revenue Code and comprehensive amendment notes in the Code volumes.
  • Index
  • One New Matters volume
  • One U.S. Tax Cases Advance Sheets volume
  • Two Citator volumes

Below is a list of the volumes:


Description of Contents


Internal Revenue Code


IRC III                      

Internal Revenue Code

Internal Revenue Code

IndexChecklists, Tax Tables, Special Tables
Vol. 1Tax Planning, Tax Rates, Tax Credits, AMT
Vol. 2Gross Income, Gifts, Benefits, Nontaxable’s
Vol. 3Tax-Exempt Bonds, Business Deductions, Interest, Taxes, Losses
Vol. 4Deductions, Depreciation, Contributions, NOL
Vol. 5Expenses, Capitalization, Corporate Distributions
Vol. 6Corporate Liquidations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Employee Benefit Plans
Vol. 7Employee Benefit Plans, Distributions, Funding, IRA, Vesting
Vol. 8Tax Accounting, Installment Sales, Inventories
Vol. 9Exempt Organizations, Special Tax Payers, Depletion
Vol. 10Estates, Trusts, Partnerships, RIC, REIT, REMIC
Vol. 11Foreign Income, Nonresident Aliens, Foreign Tax Credit
Vol. 12Foreign Corporations, Gain, Loss, Tax-Free Exchanges
Vol. 13Capital Gains & Losses, S-Corporations, Self Employment Tax
Vol. 14Withholding, Consolidated Returns, Excise Tax Sanctions
Vol. 15Tax Returns, Information Returns, Deficiency, Extensions
Vol. 16Collection, Liens, Refunds, Limitations, Interest, Penalties
Vol. 17Penalties, Crimes, Civil Suits, Tax Court Rules
Vol. 18IRS Procedural Rules, Practice Rules, Definitions
Vol. 19New Matters, Finding Devices, Wolters Kluwer Editorial Analysis
US Tax Cases: Advanced Sheets
Citator A-M 
Citator N-Z 
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