e-file Diagnostics and Rejections

  1. How long until I can see the acknowledgement for a return on the Electronic Filing Status System?
  2. Diagnostic: 41185 - "Form 2441. Interview Form P-1. At least one dependent has multiple dependent..." in a 1040 return using interview forms.
  3. Diagnostic: 43801 - "State withholding on Form IT-40PNR, Schedule F, line 1 does not match the amount of state withholding attached in the electronic file," in a 1040 return.
  4. Diagnostic: 41023 - "Schedule E. The name of a passthrough entity is missing on line 28..." in a 1040 return, using interview forms.
  5. Diagnostic: 47410 - "Form 8919. Reason code is missing, or an invalid character or more than one character has been entered..." in a 1040 return using worksheet view.
  6. Diagnostic: 48490 - "The Vendor Control Number is missing or invalid. The Vendor Control Number must..." in a 1040 return using interview forms.
  7. Diagnostic: 42709 - "New York Electronic Filing. Paid preparer information is missing" in an 1040 return using interview forms.
  8. Diagnostic: 42838 - "A refund and taxpayer date of death is present in the return, but either Form 1310 is not present in the return..." in a 1040 using interview forms.
  9. Diagnostic: 52617 - "Banking information has not been entered on Federal..." for a California extension in a 1065, 1120, or 1120S return using worksheet view.
  10. Diagnostic: 40088 - "An amount is present on Line 9 for car and truck expenses, but Form 4562..." in an 1040 return using interview forms.
  11. Diagnostic: 48403 - "The state code and/or state ID number is missing or invalid on the IRAs, Pensions..." in a California 1040 return using worksheet view.