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CCH iFirm Taxprep T1
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CCH iFirm Cantax T2
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CCH iFirm Cantax T3
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CCH iFirm Cantax Forms 
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In this exceptional pandemic context of the COVID-19, the needs relating to electronic signature are evolving rapidly. This is why we added a tag in the forms listed below, indicating where an electronic signature is required. These forms are also fully integrated with CCH iFirm Portal.

Note: Not all of the integrated forms listed below have been authorized by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Québec (RQ) for electronic signature submission. Forms that are not authorized by the CRA or RQ have been identified by an asterisk (*). Wolters Kluwer is neither recommending nor endorsing the use of electronic signature for forms not expressly authorized by said governments. Therefore, if a customer decides to use electronic signature for a non-authorized form, that customer shall be solely responsible for that use, and Wolters Kluwer shall not be responsible or liable in any manner.
T1 Forms - Personal Tax
 Federal T183, T185, T1032*, T1135, AUTHORIZATION (formely T1013), Engagement Letter, T2091*, T1255*, T1A*, T1-ADJ*, TL2*, T2038*, T1134*, T1 General Condensed*, CPT20*, GST370*, NR5*, NR6*, T1132*, T1139*,  T1172*, T1244*, RC71*
 Québec TP-1.R*, TP-1000.TE, MR-69, TP-274*, TP-1012.A*, TP-1012.B*, TP‑1086.R.23.12*, Schedule H*, TP-1033.2*, TP‑1129.64*, TP-1129.RI*, TP-350.1*, TP-671.9*, LM-3*, TP‑1029.8.61.64*,  TP-1029.9*, TP-1029.AN.A*, TP-1029.SA*, VD‑358*, TPF‑1.W and TPF‑1.X*, TP-1026.0.1.P* 
 Other T1014*, T1014-1*, T1014-2*, T1231*, T88*, T89*, T1241*, T1256*, T1256-1*, T1256-2*, T1258*, T1272*, T1297*, T224*, T225*, T1285*, T1232*
T2 Forms - Corporate Tax
 FederalT183 CORP, AUTHORIZATION, CANCELLATION, RC4649* (Taxprep only), T1135*, T106 Summary*, T1134 Summary*, Schedule 200*, T217*, T1044*, T661*, T2 return bar codes signature page*, Engagement letter, Additional client letter 1 to 5, Filing instructions for the AgriStability and AgriInvest program forms, Notice to Reader, Filing instructions, Covering letter to accompany a payment of income tax to the CRA, T2054*
 AlbertaAT1, Alberta Consent Form, Alberta Schedule 10
 QuébecCO-1000.TE, MR-69, CO-17*, CO-17.SP*, CO-502*, Schedule 200 for Québec purposes*, T661 for Québec purposes*, CO‑17.R*, CO‑17S.39*, CO‑1012*, CO‑1029.8.36.DA*, CO-1029.8.36.II*, CO‑1029.8.36.IN*, CO‑1029.8.36.PM*, CO‑1029.8.36.TM*, COZ‑1179*, FM‑220.3*, RD‑222*, TP‑997.1*, TP‑1029.9*, TP‑1086.R.23.12*
 OtherAgriStability Ontario Statement A, AgriStability Prince Edward Island Statement A*, AgriStability Saskatchewan, Corporations/Co-operatives/Other Entities*, FIN146, FIN542S, FIN542P, MCT1*, SCT1, New Brunswick Financial Corporation Capital Tax Return, Nova Scotia Corporation Capital Tax Return*, Prince Edward Island Financial Corporation Capital Tax Return*
T3 Forms - Tax for Trusts
 Federal AUT-01, AUT-01X, Engagement Letter, Notice to reader, NR4 Summary*, RC312*, RC4649*, T3*, T3A*, T3-ADJ*, T3 APP*, T3-DD*, T3F*, T3M*, T3NB-SBI*, T3P*, T3RI*, T3 Summary*, T244*, T1079*, T1134*, T1135*, T1141*, T1142*, T1262*, T2223*, TX19*  
 Québec MR-69, MR-14.A*, MR-14.B*, TP-274.F*, TP-646*, TP-646.D*, TP-646.W*, TP-646.1*, TP-646.R*, TP-671.9*, TP-785.2.6*, TP-1012.B*, TP-1086.R.23.12*, TP-1129.53*  
Other Forms
 Federal AUT-01, AUT-01X, Autotax Letter, Engagement Letter, CPT1*, CPT100*, GST10*, GST20*, GST60*, GST66*, GST70*, GST71*, GST74*, GST111*, GST159*, GST189*, GST190*, GST191*, GST523-1*, GST524*, NR4 Summary*, NR5*, NR7-R*, NR73*, NR74*, NR301*, NR302*, NR303*, PD24*, PD27*, RC1*, R102-R*, R105*, RC145*, RC473*, RC4288*, RC4649*, RC4616*, RC7291*, RC7294*, T1-OVP*, T1E-OVP*, T100C*, T101A*, T101B*, T101C*, T101D*, T106 Summary*, T123*, T1030*, T1044*, T1086*, T1134*, T1135*, T1139*, T1141*, T1142*, T1159*, T1213*, T1223*, T1240*, T1244*, T1296*, T2027*, T2029*, T2054*, T2057*, T2061A*, T2062*, T2062A*, T2091*, T2094*, T2095*, T2200*, T3010*, T3018*, T400A*, T4 Summary*, T4A Summary*, T4A-NR Summary*, T4PS Summary*, T4RIF Summary*, T4RSP Summary*, T4A-RCA Summary*, T5 Summary*, T550*, T5008 Summary*, T5013 Financial*, T5013 Summary*, T5018 Summary*, T661*, T735*, T737-RCA Summary*, TD1*, TD1AB*, TD1BC*, TD1MB*, TD1NB*, TD1NL*, TD1NS*, TD1NT*, TD1NU*, TD1ON*, TD1PE*, TD1SK*, TD1YT*, TD1-IN*, TD1X*, TL11D*
 Québec MR-69, TP-64.3, CO-359.10*, CO-726.4.17.15*, CO-502*, COZ-1179*, FP-159*, FP-500*, FP-505*, FP-505.D.A*, FP-505.D.B*, FP-505.D.C*, FP-505.D.D*, FP-505.D.E*, FP-505.D.F*, FP-505.D.G*, FP-505.D.H*, FP-524*, FP-670*,  FP-2074*, FP-2190.P*, FP-2620*, FPZ-34.CD*, FPZ-500*, FPZ-2034.CD*, LM-1*, LM-1.A*, MR-25.3*, MR-93.1.1*, RD-222*, RL-1 Summary*, RL-11.S*, RL-24 Summary*, TP-985.22*, TP-600*, TP-985.2.2*, TP-1079.PN*, TP-1097*, TP-1179.S*, TP-274*, TP-997.1*, TP-1015.3*, TP-1016*, TP-1086.R.23.12*, TP-1102.1*, TP-1179.S*, TPZ-1179*, VD-370.67*, VD-403*, VDZ-471*, VDZ-471.CD*

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