T1ADJ - ReFile what are amended return exclusions?

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T1ADJ - ReFile what are amended return exclusions?


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You cannot use ReFILE if you or your client is in one of the following situations:
  • is amending an election or wants to make an election (for example, using Form T2057, Election on Disposition of Property by a Taxpayer to a Taxable Canadian Corporation)
  • is applying for child and family benefits
  • is allocating a refund to other CRA accounts
  • is applying for the disability tax credit
  • has a reassessment in progress
  • has a first return that has not been assessed (you can view the Express Notice of Assessment (NOA); view the regular NOA on Represent a Client or My Account for Individuals; or have a paper NOA on hand to validate that a return has been assessed)
  • is subject to provincial or territorial income tax in more than one jurisdiction
  • the first return was filed by the CRA as a 152(7) assessment
No personal information
You cannot use ReFILE to make changes to personal information on page 1 of an income tax and benefit return. Use My Account to make changes to the following information:
  • marital status
  • address
  • direct deposit details
  • email address

Additional Information

Service limit
The online system accepts only nine adjustments per tax year for each taxpayer, whether a taxpayer, service provider, or the CRA does the adjustments. If you go over the limit, you will get an automated response saying the limit has been reached and explaining how to send a paper request. You can make more requests on paper, preferably usingĀ Form T1-ADJ, T1 Adjustment Request, and mail them to the CRA.

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