The federal T1 tax return form is rejected by the CRA with error code 2197.

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EFILE ERROR - 2197 - The federal T1 tax return form is rejected by the CRA with error code 2197.

Error code text:

The claim for RRSP/PRPP deduction at field 208 exceeds the total RRSP/PRPP contributions at field 245 of Schedule 7 plus the available unused RRSP/PRPP contributions from previous years minus the total repayments under the Home Buyers’ Plan at field 246 and the Lifelong Learning Plan at field 262 of Schedule 7.

If changes are required to your client’s unused contributions, a Form T1-ADJ, T1 Adjustment Request, should be filed with the Canada Revenue Agency.




The RRSP deduction claimed on line 208 includes a contribution before the 60th day of the current year, and that amount is not consistent with the CRA’s information in the taxpayer’s file.


Check the information appearing on line 1, Unused RRSP/PRPP contributions previously reported and available to deduct for 20XX as shown on your latest notice of assessment or reassessment, or T1028, Your RRSP/PRPP Information for 20XX, in Schedule 7.

Ensure that this amount is consistent with what is listed on the taxpayer’s CRA file. This information is available through the CRA’s Represent a Client service and can be downloaded into Taxprep using the TaxprepConnect functionality. Consult article How do I download tax data from the CRA with TaxprepConnect? for more details.

This information is also included on the taxpayer’s notice of assessment. If needed, contact the CRA to obtain the value indicated on the taxpayer’s file or that should be indicated according to the CRA.

If the contributions indicated in the software are not included in the taxpayer’s file, it may be because the CRA has not yet processed the previous year’s return and consequently has not updated this information in the taxpayer’s file, or because you did not include this information in a previous return for the taxpayer. In the latter case, you have to complete the T1-ADJ form, indicating that line 245 was amended, and file it with the CRA. This can be done electronically for 2016 and subsequent years. How do I prepare an amended federal T1 return to transmit it electronically (EFILE)?

If you cannot wait for the CRA’s files to be updated, you can claim only a portion of the full amount the taxpayer is entitled to by overriding line D, Contributions deducted for 20XX under the RRSP/PRPP/SPP deductionssection of the RRSP form to remove the amount included on line 1 of Schedule 7 that the CRA does not have on file. When the balance on line 1 of Schedule 7 is consistent with the amount in the taxpayer’s CRA file, you can file an amended return for the year that was originally rejected. Otherwise, the amount will be carried forward and may be deducted in a subsequent return.

Additional Information

You can also ensure that the return was not rejected because of data that was changed through an override, particularly on RRSP forms.  How do I identify overridden cells?

If, notwithstanding the previous solutions, you still do not succeed in EFILING the return, contact the CRA using the contact information provided on the following page:
How do I find the lines referred to by the CRA in an error code?
The T1 is rejected by the CRA at the time of EFILE.

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