Cantax T1 - How to prepare a T1adj Refile

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How to refile the T1adj ?




Directives on how to prepare a T1adj.

If the principal return has been made with an other software AND transmit electronically, you have to re-create the tax return in the software but you don't have to transmit it. 

While you are in the T1ADJ form press the F1 key to access the full help instructions on how to adjust the return and refile it.

These are the step that we recommended
• Before making any changes, you should create a copy of the return.
• Access the T1ADJ form.
• In the first boxed in area, select the ReFile box to answer Yes to the question "Do you want to electronically retransmit the amended T1 return (using the ReFILE service) instead of mailing a T1ADJ form?" Once this box is selected press enter and the steps below that will change.
• Follow the Steps to electronically transmit an amended T1 return (ReFILE) in the 2nd boxed in area of the T1ADJ form.

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