How do I prepare an amended T2 return for EFILE?

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Prepare an amended T2 return for EFILE.


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    We recommend that you create a copy of the tax return before making the adjustments.

    If you are planning on preparing a CO-17.R return (i.e. an amended CO-17 return), we also recommend that you select the box on line 1, Select this check box to prepare an automatic CO-17.R form at the top of the QJR form. How do I Prepare an Amended CO-17 Return?

    1. In the Amended tax return section of the ID form, answer Yes to the question of line 997, Is this an amended federal tax return?
    2. Access Form L996 and complete the required information.
    3. Make the changes on the appropriate schedule or form. For example, add a disposition on Schedule 6.
    4. Make sure that no RSI – Bar codes diagnostics prevent transmission.
    5. Print a new copy of Form T183 and make sure that it is signed by the signing officer of the corporation.
    6. Transmit the return in the same manner as an original T2 return by using the Transmission > Transmit command.

    Additional Information

    • The entire return is transmitted again, not only the amended forms and schedules.
    • If you are electronically transmitting a 2nd amended return for the same taxation year, you must temporarily change the answer of line 997 to No and then change it back to Yes. This will cause the program to change the EFILE status from Accepted to either Eligible or Not Eligible as applicable.
    • Before an amended return can be transmitted, the original return (or the previous amended return) must have been assessed by the CRA.
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