The federal T1 return is rejected by the CRA with error code 2252. 

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The federal T1 return is rejected by the CRA with error code 2252. 

Error code text:

Line 24600 on the Schedule 7 and/or line 58830 on the Form RC383 for contributions designated as a repayment under the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) cannot be less than the minimum repayment required. Where the client has elected to include the funds withdrawn into income on line 12900, enter the HBP participant repayment amount on line 55080.




This rejection code is generally received when the repayment under the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) is less than the minimum repayment required according to the information that the CRA has in the taxpayer’s records. The total of line 24600 of Schedule 7 and the line Amount required to be included in income as a minimum repayment of a withdrawal under the HBP of Form 12900 (55080) is less than the information held by the CRA in the taxpayer’s records as minimum repayment required.


Verify the information shown on the line 20XX repayment required in the Repayments section of the HBP form. This amount is calculated according to the line Repayable balance and the withdrawal date indicated on the line Plan participation year in the Summary of withdrawal and repayments section.

Make sure that this amount corresponds to the amount entered in the taxpayer’s records with the CRA as minimum repayment required. This information is available via the CRA’s Represent a client service and can be downloaded in Taxprep using the TaxprepConnect functionality. For more details, consult article How do I download tax data from the CRA with TaxprepConnect?.

This information can also be found on the taxpayer’s notice of assessment. If required, contact the CRA to obtain the value in or that should be in the taxpayer’s records according to the CRA.

The information on hand by the CRA might incorrect, particularly if prior-year returns have not yet been processed. In that case, you must either wait for the CRA to update the taxpayer’s file, or paper‑file the return. Consult article What should I do if I have to paper-file a federal T1 return by mail? for more details.

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