Send Failed message in TaxWise® Online

Send Failed message in TaxWise Online

This could be caused by your e-file billing not being setup yet. Log into the Solution Center as the Admin user and setup your e-file billing by adding a credit card to the wallet in My Account for billing purposes. Once the credit card is added, you should be able to send an e-file.


  • If a credit card is already on file, verify it is not expired.
  • When adding a credit card on file, wait an hour before the change can be processed and updated in our system.


If you already have a credit card on file, verify the following:

  • You have not entered the state initials on Main Info page twice, in the Non-Resident and Resident boxes.
  • You entered a state on Main Info that does not have state tax; FL for example.
  • You have selected the incorrect option on the Main Info page in the "What form(s) are you e-filing using PINs?" section . Also, verify the PINs you have entered are 5 digits.
  • The address field of the W-2 has too many spaces somewhere in the field.
  • This can happen especially if you cut and paste into the field.
  •  If the return has schedule C losses, and the amounts do not flow back to the 1040, it is possible that the return is marked for all investment at risk.
  • You could try deleting and re-keying the address information.
  • Click to the end of the address field, put your cursor on the end of the field and backspace to the last letter of the address (to verify no added blank spaces are at the end of that line).
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