How do I electronically file estimates with my 1120 return using worksheet view?

To electronic file the estimated tax payments, you must first generate the 1120-W Payment Vouchers that include banking information for direct debt input.

To select electronic filing of estimated tax payments, do the following:

  1. Go to the General > Electronic Filing.
    • In Section 1 - General.
      • In Line 8 - Electronically file estimated tax payments, select Yes.
  2. Calculate the return.

To complete the banking information, do the following:

  1. Go to the General > Basic Data.
    • In Section 4 - Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Withdrawal.
    • Click Detail.
      • In Line FS, select F.
      • In Line 1 - State, select the applicable state.
      • In Line 3 - Direct debt any amount due, select the box.
      • In Line Name of financial institution, enter the name of the financial institution.
      • In Line 8 - Routing Transit Number (RTN), enter the routing transit number.
      • In Line 9 - Depositor Account Number (DAN), enter the depositor account number.
  2. Calculate the return.

Note: The estimated payments for all four vouchers have to be set up and e-filed at the time of the tax return. This will only allow estimates to be e-filed before the April 15th deadline. Once the estimates have been e-filed, there is no way to change the voucher amounts. 

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