How do I configure OCLC's EZproxy so that remote users can access CCH® IntelliConnect® using IP authentication?

CCH IntelliConnect now requires EZproxy version 5.7.44 or higher.

To configure EZproxy to work with IntelliConnect, do the following:
  1. Your EZproxy server must be added to our whitelist prior to gaining access to CCH IntelliConnect. 
    • In order to whitelist your EZproxy server correctly, we need to know if EZproxy is configured to Proxy By Port or Proxy By Hostname. 
    • To check to see how your EZproxy is configured, do the following:
      1. Open your EZproxy’s Config.txt file in a text editor.
      2. Determine whether the following entry exists in Config.txt:
Option ProxyByHostname
  • If the entry exists and is not preceeded by a “#” sysmbol (# Option ProxyByHostname) EZproxy is using ProxyByHostname.
  • If the entry does not exist or is preceeded by a “#” symbol, EZproxy is using Proxy By Port.
  1. To begin the whitelist process, send an e-mail to
    • Include the following:
      • Your EZproxy server name
        • Example:
      • Whether EZproxy is configured for Proxy By Port or Proxy By Hostname
      • Your organization’s name
      • Your CCH IntelliConnect account number
      • Contact name
      • Contact phone number
      • Contact e-mail address 
    • You will be notified by e-mail when your EZproxy server has been added to our whitelist.
  2. Configure the EZproxy configuration file (config.txt) to configure EZproxy to allow access to IntelliConnect.
  3. Once SSL is configured, the following entry needs to be added to the EZproxy configuration file.
LoginPortSSL 443
  • Port 443 is the preferred number as this is the standard port for use with https.
Warning! These steps must be performed by the EZproxy administrator.
  1. Stop the EZproxy service.
  2. Open the EZproxy configuration file (Config.txt) in a text editor such as Notepad.
  3. Enter the following line to enable SSL.
LoginPortSSL 443
  1. Add the following entry for IntelliConnect:
#Global Settings
ProxyHostnameEdit$ intelliconnect
HTTPHeader X-GWT-*
HTTPHeader X-ApiKey
# IntelliConnect Stanza
Title           CCH IntelliConnect
Mimefilter   application/json .* javascript
Find http:\/\/
Replace http://
  1. After making the changes, save the EZproxy configuration file.
  2. Restart EZproxy.
  3. If you are using a catalog page outside of EZproxy, ensure you create or edit the link for IntelliConnect to include the URL in the IntelliConnect stanza.
  • Example: http://login.ezproxy.domain/login?url=


  • If you subscribe to multiple CCH or Wolters Kluwer research products you may have access to the Product Selector feature. 
    • The Product Selector allows you to launch another CCH or Wolters Kluwer research product(s) without re-entering your ID/Password. 
      • Example: CCH IntelliConnect may contain a Product Selector link that opens a Wolters Kluwer Cheetah session.
  • EZproxy may not be able to handle Product Selector functionality properly. Thus the Product Selector is not supported when used with EZproxy. It is highly recommended that links for each product be set up on your catalog page and that users log in with those.
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