How do I import information from a spreadsheet into Schedule D - Form 8949 in an Individual return?

This import feature is only available using worksheet view.

  1. Go to the Income/Deductions > Gains and Losses worksheet.
    • Click Section 1 - Stocks, Securities and Other Non-Passive transactions.
      • At the top of the grid, click Import.
  2. The import wizard will walk you through the rest of the process.


  • The Import button in the grid navigation bar is enabled only when Microsoft Excel is installed; otherwise, this button is disabled.
  • Using ALT + I on your keyboard launches the wizard, provided your cursor is positioned anywhere in the designated grid.
  • When entering a numeric value without slashes in a Date formatted cell (e.g., 999999), Excel automatically reformats the value to a dissimilar date.
    • Example: 999999 is reformatted as 11/25/37 (or similar, depending on the date type selected) and imports that way. To retain the numeric value, you must begin with an apostrophe. (i.e., '999999 imports as 999999).
  • When entering long numbers in a General formatted cell (e.g., descriptions), the numbers are converted to a Scientific notation if not preceded by an apostrophe ( ' ).
    • Example: 12345678901234567890 converts to 1.23457E+20 and imports that way. When entering numbers exceeding 10 digits in a General cell, precede them with an apostrophe (i.e. '12345678901234567890 imports as 12345678901234567890). 
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