How do I create Classes and Subclasses in CCH Axcess Document?

Creating Classes and Subclasses

Classes and subclasses are used to organize files and calculate the retention period of a file.

Using the Classes and subclasses window, you can:

  • Create new classes and subclasses.
  • View or modify existing classes and subclasses.
  • Delete the classes and subclasses in the Document list.
 In addition, you can also search the grid for a specific class or subclass.

To create classes and subclasses, do the following:

  1. Open Dashboard, click Application Links on the navigation panel, and then click Settings and Defaults under Document.
  2. Select Class and Subclass under Document on the navigation panel.
  3. Click New on the button bar to display the Class and Subclasses window.
  4. Select which entities should use the new class and subclass.
  5. Enter a name for the new class.
  6. Select the box next to Permanent if the class is to be retained permanently by the system.
  7. If Permanent was not selected in step 6, enter a retention period in whole numbers, and then choose Days, Weeks, Months or Years from the Retention unit list.
  8. Enter a name for the subclass.
  9. If the retention period is to be different from the class retention period, enter the new period in the Retention # box and select the Retention unit.
  10. Select the box in the Permanent column if the class is to be retained permanently in the system.
  11. To continue adding additional subclasses, tab until a new blank line displays at the top of the subclass list. Continue adding subclasses as needed.
  12. Click OK to save your changes or Cancel to exit the window without saving your changes.
    • NOTE: Click Delete if you need to remove a subclass you have created.


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