Error: "MFC Application has stopped working


  • Windows Server 2008 R1 with Terminal Services/Citrix - Microsoft's redirector closes the files for all users when the first user logs out of his Terminal Server /Citrix session. This will affect any application run from a mapped drive. An incident has been opened with Microsoft and they have opened a bug. 
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 with Remote Desktop Services/Citrix - Each time a new user opens an application with exe files already opened by a previous user, then file ownership is transferred to that user. When the last user in the program logs out of Terminal Server/Citrix the application will close for previous users.


Workaround: Re-install application to local server disk/drive.

  1. Go to Add > Remove Programs/Uninstall or Change a program.
  2. Select the Fixed Assets application, click Remove, and select Uninstall Workstation.
  3. Download the current Fixed Assets install files from Software Delivery Manager.
  4. Perform a network (recommended) or standalone installation to one of server's local disk/drive.
  5. During installation, select the previous (remote) location of the data files.
    • Note: There is no need to copy or relocate the existing data files.
  6. Select a location on the local disk/drive for the Work folder.
    • Note: Users require full security and shared permissions to this location/shared folder.
  7. Open Fixed Assets.

Note: Depending upon your network configuration, it may be necessary open Fixed Assets and select Tools > Global Settings > Select/Copy Global Settings and change the Active global settings selection.

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